Traditional feedback surveys are focused on the past and rarely provide actionable input to improve customer experience. We want to change that.

Our goal is to help you design the future with valuable insights from real people.

Sofa insider offers a variety of research methods which are designed by industry experts to help gain the most valuable insights to improve your customer experience.

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    Test new service concept

    Test your service concept early on with your target users. This can help you understand if you are on a right track and if your target group perceived the concept as valuable.

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    Understand user expectations

    Understand what service features are the most important to users and why. Ask insiders to rank service features from the most important to the least important. Ask them why they believe the selected features are the most important to them and what value it brings. Understand why some features were deprioritised.

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    Validate service process flow

    Ask insiders to provide their thoughts on your defined service process flow. When responding to this questionnaire, insiders are presented with a future service vision and follow up questions. Process improvement questionnaires can be done before launching the new or updated service, which means companies can gain valuable insights early on and adjust the process as needed. This method allows to gather both quantitative and qualitative insights and helps to understand the what as well as the why.

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We understand that your business needs are unique and might require a custom approach. Change existing templates or create a new one to find the best option for your needs.



Pay only for the number of insights you want to get. No hidden platform or subscription fees. The price for one insight is based on the duration of the survey. The longer the survey, the more each insight costs.

Define your target audience

  • How many questions do you need?

  • What demographic filters do you apply? Basic filters make it possible to select audience by general criteria, meanwhile Advanced filters narrow down recipients by specific parameters.

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